Aby-a-Day – October 13: Show Sketches (Cartoon Tuesday)

Since the whole moving-to-Sweden thing, I’ve not had the time nor the concentration to draw my cartoons.


But on Saturday at the NEMO show, I was working at the gate, and there was blank paper and a fat Sharpie pen at the table. It was quiet, I had nothing else to do, and I felt like drawing.


So I did some sketches of Jacoby. They aren’t exactly cartoons…but they’re the closest I’ve been able to come in a while.


I also did a sketch of our mascot, Marlin, with – of course! – a clownfish.
I’ve also changed my cartoon signature from Korean Hangeul characters to Nordic runes, in case you were wondering what the writing was. It just says “Koshka.”

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 13: Show Sketches (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. It’s funny, ever since this moving-to-Sweden thing became something real, I haven’t been able to concentrate on writing the role-playing scenario I was working on, or playing more involving computer games… What are we doing to each other? Our thoughts have permanently been on each other for over four months now, tens of thousands of messages have been exchanged, and we’ve logged hundreds of hours on FaceTime. Maybe we’ll find the peace and quiet to work on our projects once we share our hobby room, living together as husband and wife.

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