Aby-a-Day – October 22: Nip Kicker

At the NEMO show, my friend Donna was actually vending. She makes and sells all sorts of awesome stuff: jewelry, scarves, jackets…and cat toys.

NEMOjakenipIMG_0398 1

She brought Jacoby a handmade kicker stick stuffed with homegrown catnip.

NEMOjakenipIMG_0400 1

NEMOjakenipIMG_0405 1

And our Jakey loooooves catnip!

NEMOjakenipIMG_0408 1

He was instantly intrigued.


He started licking it. That’s when you know he really likes it.


It started to try to escape, so Jake had to show it who was boss and hold it down with his paw.


Oh, yeah…that’s good nip, all right!