Aby-a-Day – October 23: Escalator Awareness Day (Flashback Friday)

As I do every year…it’s time to remember Jacoby’s escalator incident, which happened five years ago today (24 October was a Saturday in 2010, too).


I did a series of cartoons depicting the accident last year.


Of course, I didn’t have any photographs of the actual event, but I wanted to show what it looked like, not just tell the story of what happened.


I remember panicking for about a second and a half. I couldn’t find the stop button, so I just pulled Jake’s foot out of the escalator and held it tight.


There wasn’t that much blood…in fact, I still have that sweater and have been wearing it this week.


Jake, of course, ended up being fine, and you can’t even really tell he was ever injured, apart from the claw on that one toe being a bit thick and dull. Makes claw clipping that much easier!