Aby-a-Day – October 26: Nipper Madness (Miniature Monday)

As I mentioned last week, my friend Donna was selling her jewelry, cat toys and other goodies at the NEMO show

NEMObjdIMG_0526 1

After seeing Jacoby with that amazing catnip log, the miniature Jake had to check it out.

NEMObjdIMG_0529 1

He got a bit distracted with the mylar and feather wand toys…

NEMObjdIMG_0531 1

Oooooooh, sparkly!

NEMObjdIMG_0521 1

Finally, mini Jake discovered…the mother lode!

NEMObjdIMG_0522 1

He took a moment to pose nicely with the sign…

NEMObjdIMG_0523 1

…and then he kind of lost it.


Yep, that’s some mighty fine catnip right there. I guess mini Jake won’t need to worry about getting glaucoma.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – October 26: Nipper Madness (Miniature Monday)

  1. Back when I collected action figures, I saw this interesting figure in the National Museum, Copenhagen. It’s a 1/8th scale figure from the 17th century, the articulation identical to many modern action figures. I couldn’t find any miniature Jake figures, though…

     photo 346fb1b6-00ae-47db-bb5c-8701a6526a48_zpsnj4w59gn.jpg

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