Aby-a-Day – October 30: Fun with Os-car (Fashion Friday)

Last year I managed to snag one of the last Kitty Bonez in Boston on Halloween. I thought I’d posted photos of him, but apparently I didn’t.


So here he is this year all dressed up in Jacoby’s coat and hat for a pre-Halloween Fashion Friday!


I named my Kitty Bonez Os-car, and he’s really pretty cute. He is roughly cat-sized, and fairly anatomically correct, with the addition of ear-bones! I guess the creators of Kitty Bonez thought he looked more like a cat with pointy triangle ears.


Jacoby was very interested when I brought Os-car down this year and dressed him up. Jake examined him from his nose…


…to the tip of his bony tail.


“Seriously, Mom? Seriously?”


Eventually, Jake retired to his catnip paper bag because the lighting was better to think, but Os-car followed him.


“Honestly, can’t a cat get a little peace around here?”


“Oh, well…I guess if it means she dresses you up instead of me, I guess I’ll let you hang around.”

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