Aby-a-Day – October 13: Show Sketches (Cartoon Tuesday)

Since the whole moving-to-Sweden thing, I’ve not had the time nor the concentration to draw my cartoons.


But on Saturday at the NEMO show, I was working at the gate, and there was blank paper and a fat Sharpie pen at the table. It was quiet, I had nothing else to do, and I felt like drawing.


So I did some sketches of Jacoby. They aren’t exactly cartoons…but they’re the closest I’ve been able to come in a while.


I also did a sketch of our mascot, Marlin, with – of course! – a clownfish.
I’ve also changed my cartoon signature from Korean Hangeul characters to Nordic runes, in case you were wondering what the writing was. It just says “Koshka.”

Aby-a-Day – October 12: The “Posable Action Figure” strikes again – for real, this time! (Miniature Monday)

You may recall that, back in 2012 when CFA judge Carla Bizzell saw Jacoby for the first time at the Seacoast Show in May 2012. She was so impressed by his relaxed nature on the judge’s table, she called him a “posable action figure.


Well, Carla was judging at the NEMO show this past weekend, and I had to show her the Jacoby ball-jointed doll Ana VonBorowsky made for me.


She was very impressed that my action figure had his own action figure!

Aby-a-Day – October 11: Live from the NEMO show (Selfie Sunday)

The third New England Meow Outfit (NEMO) show was this weekend, and of course Jacoby and I went.


There was wifi in the show hall, so on Saturday, I FaceTimed with Björn. He got to meet many of my friends, virtually, via FaceTime.


While we were chatting, he took these screenshots of me and Jake. So here you can see what we look like – candidly – at a cat show!

Aby-a-Day – October 10: “Auburn” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Auburn.”


Angel is a red/sorrel Abyssinian. I suppose you could call that “Auburn.”


She needed to visit our friends at South Boston Animal Hospital a couple of weeks ago as she had a little bit of a UTI, too. We think it was brought on by the stress of her recent dental work.

It should be noted that Angel does not like anything done to her mouth. That includes giving her pills. Usually, she’ll eat a pill pocket. But not always – which is weird because she LOVES treats. And then you have to give her the medication the usual way. And this is what happens. Bear in mind…I had just clipped her claws two days before. This is why I never really tried to brush her teeth…


Even though she’s impossible to pill…everyone loves Angel!

Aby-a-Day – October 9: Rub-a-dub-dub (Fashion Friday)

Getting all pretty for a cat show requires some effort.


Namely, a bath. Luckily, Jacoby doesn’t mind baths. Of course, his baths are a lot less work than our showcat friend Summer‘s baths!


It’s especially easy now that we have a sliding glass door on the tub instead of a shower curtain. He just sits in the tub and lets me wash and rinse him.


I think he likes the bathing better than the blowdrying, to be honest. Luckily, he air dries fairly quickly.


I feel very fortunate that he is such an easy cat to bathe. They’re all pretty easy, but he’s the only one I can really wash without another person helping me. I often brag I can wash him with one hand…or, actually, no hands.


I wish I had photos of his very first bath. I don’t know what I was thinking, not taking any. Sherry brought him down from New Brunswick, and gave him a quick bath in our kitchen sink. He was completely unfazed by it. It was adorable.

Aby-a-Day – October 8: The cat’s in the bag

So Roche Bros. opened a store in Downtown Crossing. This instantly became the easiest place to buy groceries, because it’s only two T stops from our building.


The last time I went, I forgot to bring any bag with me.


So I picked up this cool, folding, box-bag thing. I think it’s meant for the trunks of people’s cars. Jacoby clearly thought it was for him.


So I gave him a little ride in his box-bag.


As you can see, he hated that.


Jake just loves to go for rides in things.


He seemed a little disappointed when I set the box-bag down on the floor and went to put away the groceries I’d bought.

Aby-a-Day – October 7: Wordless Wednesday (It’s a box! It’s a bag! It’s both in one!)



Cattoonize your kitty!

My friend Sanna-Leena did this ages ago ((2012!), but I’d forgotten about it and was recently reminded…Check out the Cattoonizer!

This is her two boys, Kossi and Sketsi. The Finnish captions read “Kossi, before meal” and “Sketsi, any time.”

Of course I had to try it, too. I mean, who doesn’t love a custom cartoon generator? Here’s our boy Jacoby. Yes, he’s got the same silly expression as Sketsi…but then, they are related (distantly, but still).

And here’s Angel. I had to do a teesy bit of Photoshop to get her to only have one eye.

Of course, I couldn’t leave out Kylie…

…or Tessie! Tess was the most difficult, but then, torties are like that.

Aby-a-Day – October 6: Christmas Déjà vu (Cartoon Tuesday)

Björn found another holiday cartoon I drew while clearing the basement storage for the imminent arrival of all my crap. This one was a quick sketch I drew, without pencil, for his then-girlfriend Titti back in 1997 when I was living in San Francisco with my two Siamese Harri and Patrick.


A quick sketch like that? Of course I didn’t remember it after 18 years. But when he showed it to me on Sunday when he discovered it I was instantly struck with the similarity of this little scribble of Patrick and Harri to this cartoon I did in 2013 starring, of course, Jacoby and Angel:


I mean, okay, the joke is different…but the basic dynamic is very similar. I’m also amused that Harri seems to have transitioned from being the “goofball” (aka Jake) character into being the “intelligent straight-man” (aka Angel) character with the introduction of Patrick, who was younger, rather than Sigrid, who – like Angel – was older than Harri. Or, the girlcat is always smarter…when there is no girlcat, the older cat is smarter.

Still…interesting to see an embryonic idea become a full-fledged cartoon years later…even if it was a complete accident!

Abys in Need: Piper Jane in Iowa City, IA

Another entry in the “People suck” category…

“This is Piper Jane. She is a 3 year old Abyssinian. She was rescued from a farm where she had been dumped for no fault of her own. The cattery owner no longer wanted her for breeding. Piper was near starvation when we found her, we knew she wouldn’t survive the winter. Piper has doubled her weight since her rescue. She is now current on all vaccinations and was spayed last week. She is very sweet and has an enthusiastic purr. She loves attention, but is not a lap cat. If you are interested in adopting Miss Piper please let me know.”

Really? REALLY? Dumped. On a farm. I don’t even. Hey at least she’s not declawed…

If you’re interested in Piper Jane, you can send an email through the Rescue Me website, or ring Tricia Deol on 319-541-9584.

Aby-a-Day – October 5: Waiting to break fast (Hipstamatic Monday)

Cats can tell time.


Well, they can tell time when it’s time for them to be fed. In our house, those times are 0700 and 2100 (7am and 9pm). And they are very punctual cats. A little too punctual, actually…on weekends and holidays, feeding times are a little later, especially breakfast.


Another thing I find somewhat amusing is where they wait for their food.


Angel and Kylie eat in the kitchen. So they wait for their food in the living room.


Of course.


Where else would they wait?


Jacoby and Tessie, however, are fed in the hobby room. So they sit and wait for their food in the kitchen.


This, my friends, is cat logic


Actually, this is a rare shot of Jake being good and waiting on the floor and not up on the counter trying to eat out of the cans as they’re being scooped out.


Although, you can tell…he’s thinking about jumping up to “help.” I think the only thing stopping him is the fact that there are two humans watching him right now.


He’s not thrilled about being “good.” But at least he has a nice box to sit in.


They are actually all pretty quiet about waiting to be fed, though. Except for Tessie. She tends to nag. A lot.

Aby-a-Day – October 4: Strange Bedfellows

So…this happened today.


Yep. Angel in Tessie in bed together.


Granted, it’s a big bed, but still…


I suspect that Angel was there first, and Tessie – tortie that she is – decided there was room for two and Angel could either leave or scootch over.


And it looks like Angel was more comfortable than she was intimidated. Or something.

Aby-a-Day – October 3: “Crimson” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Crimson.”


So here is Jacoby sitting on a Heineken box with a big crimson star on it.

(HA! I bet you thought I was going to do something about Harvard, didn’t you?)

Aby-a-Day – October 2: It’s time for NEMO’s Costume Contest again! (Fashion Friday Flashback)

Next weekend, Jacoby and I are going back to Sturbridge, MA to enter The New England Meow Outfit’s third annual CFA show. As always, the best and most fun feature of this show is the cat-human team costume contest.


At last year’s show, Jake and I went all out: I was Marilyn Monroe, and Jake was President John F. Kennedy.


We had a lot of fun with that combination. I worked hard to come up with the quintessential Marilyn ensemble, researching how her makeup was done and rewatching the famous “Happy Birthday Mr. President” video.


I could barely walk in those shoes!


Even with all that preparation, we still didn’t win the competition, which shows you how good the other costumes entered are!


At NEMO’s first show, Jake and I actually wore three different outfits. We started out the morning as ancient Egyptians.

At NEMO’s first show, Jake and I actually wore three different outfits.


Then, we changed into Nellie and Billis from South Pacific to perform “Honey Bun.”


Finally, our entry for the contest: A sushi waitress and, well, sushi. In retrospect, we should have gone with Honey Bun.

And what will we do for this year’s contest? Well…you’ll see. Jake, to his dismay, will need to wear pants again for this one. But as for me, while I’ll still need to wear a wig, and I’ll need to carry a prop, I won’t need to wear any makeup, and I’ll be able to walk in my shoes this year!

Aby-a-Day – October 1: Toothless Carnivore

There is one thing that can turn Angel from a skittish kitty to a fierce and fearless cat.


Raw meat!


Angel absolutely loves raw meat, especially beef and lamb.



She does have a bit of a hard time with eating it, though, since she only has about nine teeth left in her head. She also likes to touch it with one paw to make sure where it is before she eats it. Sometimes, she’ll even bat it around a little, so she can “hunt” and “catch” it.


Even though it takes her a little longer to eat her raw meat snacks now, than it used to, she still defends it ferociously.


Although, she prefers to be given her meat someplace that’s protected from the other cats.


Nom, nom, nom…all gone!