Aby-a-Day – November 30: Dive right in (Minature Monday)

My Thanksgiving pheasant turned out so well…and was so small…that I decided to cook an actual turkey on Thanksgiving Saturday.


I mean, pheasants are tasty and all, but as it happens…I really missed the leftovers (Note to self re: living in Sweden).


While I was able to keep the real Jacoby away from the turkey, I wasn’t so fortunate when it came to MiniJake.



He was all over my turkey! I’m pretty sure he drooled on it, too (ewwwww)!


He was ready to eat any part of the turkey…


…even the wings!


But of course, his most favoured part was…


…the great white expanse of the breast meat!


Nom nom nom…

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – November 30: Dive right in (Minature Monday)

  1. You should be able to get a turkey in Sweden — at least, you can up north in Skelleftea, where my brother-in-law lives. He and his wife were out visiting us during November and we had an early Thanksgiving dinner for them with an 11 lb. bird, which according to BIL was a “large” turkey by Swedish standards. Just middlin’ by American, and I had to root through the freezer case to find one that was smaller than 15 lbs.! Sat five people down to dinner so had enough for leftovers for everybody and for making turkey soup the next day. But I know what you mean — I MUST have my turkey, especially turkey gravy, fix once a year. And of course our little Aby Gizmo got to have her fair share of yummy turkey goodness (her personal fave). — Tanka


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