Aby-a-Day – December 21: Taking the train through Stockholm (Miniature Monday

After our stay in Stockholm, Björn, Kalle and I took the train home to Skövde.


I know Jacoby would have loved the trip. He does love train rides.


So, since I couldn’t bring the real Jake with me (this time), I did the next best thing.


I brought Mini-Jake!


It wasn’t quite the same…


Actually, I hear that the real Jake is showing signs of missing me…in between causing all kinds of mayhem like picking fights with the girls and licking toast left in the toaster long enough for him to find it.


It’ll be interesting to see what he does when he gets here. I’ve already warned Björn about his floor rugs (aka “Aby tunnels” and “Aby sleds”) and plastic bags (aka “Jake – don’t eat that! Plastic bags are not food!)…and then there’s 16-year-old Pyret. I expect fun times ahead.


Stockholm was a lot of fun…but now we’re home in Skövde.