Aby-a-Day – 11 January: Venison for New Year’s (Miniature Monday)

On New Year’s Eve, Björn and I hosted a dinner party with our friends Karin, Roger and Martin.


Mini-Jacoby, as you saw last week, was also there.


He wasn’t exactly invited…he came for the venison and stayed for the booze.


We had a glorious side of venison for dinner.


Our friend Martin hunts, and he brought the meat as his contribution to the collaborative meal.


Not only that…



…he cooked it for us, too! And it was wonderful.


Mini-Jake was fascinated by all the food, as you can see.


It was a real, grown-up dinner party, too. Everyone dressed up and everything. It was one of the best New Years Eve parties I’ve ever been to.


And, finally, after so many years of calling each other on New Year’s Eve – usually at the wrong time, because we’d messed up the time difference – Björn and I were finally in the same room at midnight! And we finally got our New Year’s kiss.

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