Aby-a-Day – 26 January: Work in Progress (Cartoon Tuesday)

I’ve been postponing showing you all this one because I swore I’d finish it…but that was almost 8 months ago, so I thought I’d at least show you the sketch.

This goes back to when I met our friend Summer last May at BlogPaws.

As you may recall, I wasn’t allowed to bring Jacoby with me.

So I had to bring Flat Jake instead. This cartoon – which I had been planning to do about Jake and Summer finally meeting – is the result.

In some respect, Jake not going to BlogPaws is the reason I haven’t actually been able to finish this cartoon. Ever since I came back, things have been rather…interesting. But you know all about that.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 26 January: Work in Progress (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. My human sort of got the idea that Jake not being allowed to come with you to BlogPaws was the beginning of the end… didn’t know yet about the beginning of the new beginning!

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    1. Well… That kind of happened at BlogPaws, too… As would the telling Björn part, if I could have gotten him on Messenger while I was there. Didn’t get to “talk” to him till Monday, so… Happy birthday to me!


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