Aby-a-Day – 14 April: Give me the kitten until he is seven and I’ll give you the cat

Today is Jacoby’s 7th birthday!


As is tradition, he got his cat food can-cake with a candle on top.


He loves his birthday cake!


He knows he can’t eat any of it til the candle is lit, so he paced around impatiently while I got out the matches.


“Hurry up, mom! Light the candle already!!”


Abys have no fear of flame…this is a reason why I never have candles.


Fire on food? No problem!


Angel was completely uninterested in the festivities.


Nom nom nom


I let him eat a little bit, and then saved the rest for his evening meal.


After the cake, it was time for his present! A new Hexbug!This is the Hexbug Nano V.2, which can climb up tubes.


What’s nice about it is, on the floor, it seems to just want to go around in circles. It doesn’t try to escape like the other ones. This seems to be more fun for cats, too.


Kylie always gets involved in Jake’s birthday – hers is only 10 days away, on 24 April.


Here’s a quick little movie of Jake playing with his Hexbug, with a cameo by Tessie.


Happy birthday, Jakey!

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