Aby-a-Day – 4 June: “Snazzy” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Snazzy.”


I have this very snazzy, super deluxe, floor-to-ceiling cat tree from Drs. Foster and Smith. I had it in the kitchen of my old apartment in Somerville, and Harri, Patrick, Tessie, Kylie and Gun-Hee all loved it.


Patrick especially loved it.


I mean, he really loved it.


I got it in 2005 as a replacement for the older, blue one I’d brought with me from Atlanta, which was getting a little ragged. Patrick couldn’t wait for us to unpack it.


He even helped to assemble it.


He could not even wait for it to be put together before he was climbing on it!


Sadly, it wasn’t tall enough for the very high ceilings in the old condo, so when I moved out of my apartment in March 2009, the awesome tree went into storage.


When I got Angel in 2008, I wasn’t spending much time at my old apartment although I still kept it for a few months after I married. I’m not sure if she has ever seen this cat tree (but she really loved the floor-to-ceiling cat tree my mom has at her house, and wasted no time climbing it). I know Jacoby never has, since it was put into storage before he was even born!


But on Monday, it was packed up to go to Sweden.


It was pretty amazing to watch the mover pack it up in paper.


We decided not to take it apart, except for the very top, spring-loaded part.




He was so fast! I couldn’t imagine wrapping up a cat tree in moving paper…but then, he’s a professional.


So, here’s my snazzy cat tree, all packed up and ready to go. Next stop, Sweden!

8 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 4 June: “Snazzy” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

  1. SO glad to see posts here again – I’ve been missing you guys! Congratulations on your move to Sweden, which clearly was successful. Can’t wait to see photos of your new home –


  2. I always enjoyed reading your blog, even back in its LJ days, though I have never commented. I keep checking back every few months to see if there has been an update. I was sad to see it’s been over a year now. I hope you and your kitties are well!


    1. First of all, thank you!
      And, yes, everyone is fine. I’m trying to get the blog going again, but moving to Sweden and taking literally thousands of photos has kind of slowed me down. I WILL be back, and there is a lot to post…so please, stay tuned!


  3. Hi! Nice to meet you! We’re a bit confused right now – we came here from Summer’s blog. We wanted to answer you in Swedish, but “About me” suggests that you’re English-speaking. Then again, Talonvaki tells us that you speak Finnish.

    Well, you’re probably just as our silly human. Her mother tongue is German, lives in Finland, but speaks Swedish way better than Finnish, hehe.


    1. Hej there!
      Actually I am a dual US-Canadian Citizen who grew up in California, lived in Boston for 16 years and then moved to Sweden last year. I am currently in the process of restarting this blog…but between Swedish language classes and all the other things going on in my life…yeah, it’s been tough to get it started again. Nice to meet you too!


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