Aby-a-Day – 12 January: A stable genius who’s like, really smart

There were many factors that kept me from posting for the year and a half after moving to Sweden. One was, of course, the predictable shock of moving to another country with another language. But something happened in November of 2016, after I had been in Sweden not even five months.


American non-voters disappointed the world. I am, officially as an ex-pat, a Massachusetts resident, I vote as a Massachusetts resident, and Massachusetts is the bluest state in the USA. Elizabeth Warren is my homegirl.


Needless to say, I have been appalled at what has been happening in the US since last November, and for several month I spent most of my computer time reading the news instead of working on photos for my blog.


So, when I groomed Jacoby at a cat show and had some leftover hair…I decided to use it to make a point. Or something.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 12 January: A stable genius who’s like, really smart

  1. The election left most of us equally disappointed, Coco. I voted (all blue!) and stayed up to watch the results come in with mouth agape. This election was a travesty. Clinton can take some comfort that she won the popular vote. We’ve got to get rid of that archaic electoral college! In the meantime, I refuse to call this man President. I still refer to him as The Donald.


  2. Jake, you are rockin’ that comb-over so much better than He Who Shall Not Be Named.
    But I still prefer you in the man-bun!!!


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