My Cat From Hell: Mimi the Abyssinian

I realise that this is almost six years old…but apparently they have only just started showing My Cat From Hell in Sweden on a channel we get, so I only just saw this episode. It involved a couple with a 10-year-old overweight cat, Molly, and a young Abyssinian named Mimi.

Now, Mimi is NOT the cat from Hell in this episode. In fact, she’s the victim of Molly’s bad temper. As Jackson describes it:

“Mimi’s an Abyssinian. Abyssinians are spider monkeys. They swing from the chandeliers while everyone else is eating dinner. They need to have directed activity, and they need to have that activity constantly. In the meantime, you’ve got an older, crankier cat who’s saying ‘Just make it stop!'”

Molly actually sent poor Mimi to the vet for stitches after a gash in her flank!

The link above leads to the full episode on Animal Planet’s website, but you need to sign in with a television provider. However, you can see Jackson’s final visit to Molly and Mimi and Jackson’s follow-up with Molly a year later online without signing in.

4 thoughts on “My Cat From Hell: Mimi the Abyssinian

  1. Even if there was some hissing and growling, Pyret accepted the new arrivals eventually. Watching “My Cat From Hell” makes me appreciate how relatively uncomplicated our cats are.


    1. Same here, My cats are remarkably easy, but I “get” cats. You and Koshka “get” cats. Many of the “issues” on MCFH are human issues. Some people just don’t get cats, some people just shouldn’t have cats. More often than not, it’s something the human is doing, or not doing, that is making the cat act out.

      Oh look my cat is eliminating innappropriately.
      How often do you clean the litterbox?
      Once a week.
      Well there, try cleaning it daily.
      Problem solved.

      My cat is tearing up my house, scratching furniture, climbing the drapes, knocking things over.
      Does the cat have any toys or scratching posts/surfaces?
      Uh no…
      Get a few toys, give them something appropriate to scratch.
      Problem solved.


  2. And when we do have a problem, we’re pretty quick to sort it out. Someone peeing on something soft? Or going desperately from box to box but not peeing? See a vet. Is the fighting real aggression or just a minor spat over a favourite napping spot? And sometimes you have to give in and put a litter box where you don’t really want one (like in the bedroom). But yeah…the boys seem to get along fine now, Pyret’s gone back to using the box (she didn’t like the pine pellet litter we switched to, so we started using corn in one box), and we have as much cat furniture as we do human furniture…It ain’t rocket science. It’s just cats.

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