Aby-a-Day – 4 February: Happy first birthday, Alfred!

Today is Alfred’s first birthday!


I made him a special cat food cake with a sparkly #1 candle.


I like using Poesie Venison and Cranberry in jelly because, hey, it’s venison! And also the little heart shaped solid lumps of cat food make really cute little cakes.


In winter, we use our balcony as an extended refrigerator. So I put the cake out there. And I shut the door. But somehow…when I went to show it to Björn, all I found was an empty plate! I have no idea how they got the door opened or who ate Freddy’s cake!


Luckily, because Logan’s birthday is next month and then Jacoby’s is in April, so I had some backup Poesie hearts, so he will still get a cake. Or a second cake. I really don’t know. But I wish I could find the sparkly #1 candle. I hope whoever ate the cake didn’t eat the candle, too!*


Freddy still got his cake, though.


Once the candle was blown out, Freddy was all over his cake.


For his birthday, Freddy got a brand new beefy chew stick.


Jake was curious about it.


I guess it looked like a tasty snack.


“That’s it? You just chew on it? I don’t get it…Kids these days!”

* See comments for the answer to what happened to that candle.