Aby-a-Day – 25 February: Five cats doesn’t always feel like a lot (Swedish Sunday)

When I say I live with five cats, people are usually shocked and incredulous. “How can you live with five cats!? Don’t you feel claustrophic, with that many cats in an apartment?

Short answer, no, no we don’t. Firstly, one cat is 18 years old and not very active. Plus, it’s a big apartment, with an extra room in summer when we can open up the balcony.

But we have moments where we look around and ask, “Where the hell are all the cats? We have five cats…why can we not find any?

Well…we have Jacoby on the sofa next to Björn.


Then, going round the room anti-clockwise, we have…Logan in the little brown house-bed…


Grande dame Pyret asleep on her chair…


Angel in the house at the top of “her” cat tree…


And Alfred in the bed our friend Sanna-Leena sent Jake, on Harri’s old cat tree.

All of them, sound asleep. Except for feeding time, five cats are no more trouble than three or four. Trust me, I have had three cats, four cats, and (now) five cats…it just isn’t that much more work or trouble.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 25 February: Five cats doesn’t always feel like a lot (Swedish Sunday)

  1. Maybe for you! My human says she can barely handle three – not to mention that two of them are seniors, and it seems like there is always something going on with one of them.


  2. I understand. We have 5 plus whatever foster kittens we have at that time and we ask the same questions sometimes. Only at feeding time can I really tell the difference when we really have a house full.;)


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