Aby-a-Day – 26 February: “It is the life of a crystal” (Medical Monday)

Jacoby has had one attack of his UTI crystals since we moved to Sweden. It was back in October 2016.


Okay, he doesn’t seem that sick in this photo, but trust me…he was having issues back at home.


This was actually the first time we visited our veterinarian. We came here because the vet Björn used to take Pyret to couldn’t make room in their busy schedule for a UTI emergency.


I have to say, I was impressed.

I mean…they got my phone number wrong in their system…

…so they sent me a post card because they couldn’t ring or text me!


When we went back, Jake got an ultrasound of his bladder. My vet back home in Boston was jealous of their in-house ultrasound equipment.

I thought I had gotten a photo of Jake getting his ultrasound, but I can’t seem to find them. I did get this illustration of what was going on with him, however. It wasn’t actually a crystal problem at all this time…he had a polyp in his bladder. The vet illustrated it for me.


On the way out, we passed a cat food company’s ad and Jake wanted to check it out.


He took a good, close look.


Perhaps too close. Okay, Jake, we get it…you are one with your virtual, plastic model of your UTI.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 26 February: “It is the life of a crystal” (Medical Monday)

  1. I don’t think we (or rather my ex) took Pyret to that other vet more than once. The reason I picked Ekens was that it was closest to where we live and had good reviews. The other vet down town doesn’t have a good reputation, and another clinic is so out of the way that we would need a car to get there. It’s a tidy trip to get to Min Veterinär, too, but at least the bus service is good and it’s just a couple minutes walking to and from the stops. Also, the times I’ve been to Min Veterinär, I’ve been impressed by the friendly staff and how well-run the place appears to be.


    1. It is a long bus ride, but it’s an easy one. Nice that there’s an ICA there, too. It’s kind of like when I went to see my doctor out at Brigham and Women’s in Green Line Land


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