Pyret hunts with StarClan now

Sometime between 15:34 and 16:37…Pyret left us. I’m not sure exactly when it happened.


I put her in her favourite place, on her chair. Jacoby checked on her with me.


So did Logan. At one point, he tried to nap with her.

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

14 thoughts on “Pyret hunts with StarClan now

  1. Coco, I’m bawling and I didn’t even know her. But my heart aches. I’ve been through this so many times and it hurts so badly. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve remaining. No one can take another’s place. They’re all so precious. Simply know that she knew you loved her, is in a better place, and that you will reunite again some day.

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    1. She’s been around me for so many years, from when she was just 5-6 weeks old until today. Almost a third of my life. Pyret was a gentle cat, not prone to antics like the Abys. For most of her life, she was in excellent health. Between her neutering at age 1 and a few vaccinations and a couple of visits to the vet last year, she had no health issues. She loved shrimp, cheese doodles, ham, and freshly baked sponge cake. Pyret was my four-legged companion, and now she is gone.

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      1. My heart goes out to all of you and especially Bjorn at the loss of this long-time friend. May the empty space in your hearts heal as you remember all the good years.


  2. So many hearts are with you today. Pyret was known and loved by so many – thank you for sharing her with us.


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