Aby-a-Day – 10 March: Be careful what you wish for…(Silly Saturday)

Every time anyone goes in or out of the apartment, Jacoby is right there at the door, wanting to go out in the hall and, ultimately, outside.


He pulled this, as usual, the other day while it snowing fairly heavily. So, okay, I thought…knock yourself out, buddy.


He struck out valiantly.


He clearly regretted his life choices almost immediately…but he wasn’t about to admit it.


He always tries to find non-snowy surfaces to walk on when he’s out in the snow, but this time he was out of luck. There was very little snowless ground for his paws.


He also didn’t enjoy the feeling of snowflakes falling on his fur.


Hey, pal, don’t look at me. You wanted to go outside.


The look on his face was so fraught with betrayal, I giggled endlessly. Which I am sure was not at all helpful in alleviating his mood.


Finally he gave up and went back inside. Of course, the lesson didn’t stick. He tried to go out again when Björn came home later that same day. Sorry, Jake…snow doesn’t melt that quickly.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 10 March: Be careful what you wish for…(Silly Saturday)

  1. LOL – love the expression on his face! Looks like he could have used his parka, even if he doesn’t like the boots.


  2. MOL! Clearly, you don’t realize that the weather is completely YOUR fault! The cat before Sparkle ALWAYS blamed my human when it was raining out. She would get SO mad at her!


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