Aby-a-Day – 14 April: Number nine…number nine…number nine…

Today is Jacoby’s 9th birthday.


We celebrated with the usual Poesie cat food cake.


I barely got the candle lit before he started eating.


I know we all learned from Jungle Book that cats are afraid of fire..


…but that is apparently not the case when there is meat attached to that fire.


I hope he didn’t singe too many whiskers.


I had to blow out his candle, he was so eager to eat.


Um, Jake? You don’t need to open your mouth THAT wide…


Angel came to share some cat food cake.


Apparently the way-too-wide-open eating mouth thing is a general Aby trait. Chill, Angel. It’s just food.


Finally Alfred joined the party.



My three Abys, ladies and gentlemen…foodaholics!

8 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 14 April: Number nine…number nine…number nine…

  1. Happy Birthday, Jake! You are quite the gentlecat to share your cake.
    My Aby, Anya, will be 9 on June 30 – 2009 was a very good year!


  2. I noticed the wide-open mouths, too! I think each one is afraid that if (s)he doesn’t wolf it down, (s)he won’t get enough. Not that any of ’em have missed too many meals, right? Ha!
    Happy 9th birthday, Jake … a couple of days late!


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