Aby-a-Day – 3 May: Take a little pizza my heart (Thursday Things)

Once you have an Abyssinian (or three), you will never dine unaccompanied again.


And it doesn’t even matter what you’re eating. For example, see Alfred there, eyeing the little cup of “pizza salad”? Yeah, that’s cabbage.



Jacoby had a go at it as well…but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to catch it. And don’t think it’s just the boys who are naughty. While they’re attacking the food on the table…


…here’s Angel, quietly sitting at your shoulder, waiting to snag a bite on it’s way from your plate to your mouth.


And if she is unable to get a bite that way?


Well, then, she’ll join the boys in a ground assault. If we’re eating something like a roast chicken, that’s easy to steal and hard to protect, we have to lock them out of the living room while we eat!