Aby-a-Day – 4 May: “Oy with the poodles already”

You may remember my post last Thursday, I mentioned that, before we even knew Logan was sick, we had arranged to get another Aby kitten. What happened was, at the Scandinavian Winners show, I was across the aisle from an Aby breeder from Uppsala, and she had a very cute sign on top of her cage saying she had kittens available. So I took one of her little slips of paper, which said that not only did she have kittens…but they were blue kittens!

I showed the paper to Björn, and unlike most normal, sane husbands, he did NOT say, “Are you freaking kidding me? Another cat!? No more cats without a divorce!” but instead said, “Are they show quality? And…maybe a girl kitten? She could be a show friend for Logan, and I could show her while you show Logan…”

So yeah. That happened. And then we found out Logan was sick…but tomorrow we are collecting Lorelai (Rory for short).

Now, everybody say it with me, “FIP is NOT contagious“…but I still want to be as careful as possible. So I’ve been cleaning the house, cat beds, toys, everything with Virkon. If you aren’t familiar with this miracle potion, you should be. It has no smell. You can spray it, dip things into it, mist it over the population (for example, in chicken coops). You can put it in a steam floor cleaner. You can use it as a pre-wash in the laundry. You can even use it as a shampoo on animals and livestock! So I have gotten the place as clean as I can so at least I know I did everything I possibly could.


I also scrubbed and sanitised all the litter boxes and Litter Lockers and put in all fresh litter (That’s them all piled up outside the bathroom, where I hosed them down in our tub using the shower massage). Since moving to Sweden, we’ve gone to Pee Wee pine pellet litter (and the special boxes that go with it) in five of our six boxes. The other box contains Majstor a clumping, corn-based litter. When we got rid of clay for once and for all, Pyret refused to use the pellets, so this was a compromise she accepted. After she died, at least one cat was still using it, so we kept it on, and now I guess we’ll just keep on using at least one box of it just in case.

Both of them are brilliant, though: light, inexpensive, virtually dust-free, and almost odourless!





Here are all the shiny, clean boxes back in their places and waiting for fresh, unsullied litter.


And here they are all filled up!

Another thing I like to do when adding a new family member is to bathe the newcomer, not only to reduce introduction of any germs unfamiliar to our household from the kitten’s home, but to make the newcomer smell less different.. But this time around, I thought not of bathing just Rory…but of bathing the resident cats here as well. Afterall, germs, and smells, can go both ways. Jacoby, Alfred and Logan all got baths shortly after they came home, and so shall Rory when she comes home tomorrow. Besides, Jake, Freddy and Angel haven’t had baths for a while, so they were due.


So here.


Enjoy some photos of wet pussies.



(Not exactly sure what was going on here…)




Of course, Abys never look wet for very long.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 4 May: “Oy with the poodles already”

  1. I am so glad to hear you address the issue of FIP contagion. There is still much debate here in the states – the conlclusion being it is not as contagious as was first thought. I am glad to hear your point of view (I have never fostered again after the 3 -all related- I lost to FIP. ) It is obvious you know what you are doing and have done your research and I thank you for sharing this with us. Purrs to you and all your fur kids .


    1. I know its not contagious because, in both groups of cats I’ve had where one got FIP, no other cat got sick, and there was always a range of ages. But with Gun-Hee, my first Aby, while he was the only one to get sick while our two-year-old, four-year-old, and 14-year-old cats were fine…but his littermate brother, 1,000 miles away with a completely different lifestyle, got sick the same week Gun-Hee did. But that doesn’t stop me being paranoid or thinking that I did something wrong…if something does go wrong, this time. Which of course, it won’t.


  2. You know you’re right – FIP is NOT contagious. Like everyone else you know who dealt with FIP, my kitten died, but no other cat ever developed it (I had 9 others at the time, whom the idiot vet at Tufts told me to put down). I lost Elliot in 1996, and all the rest lived long lives. Still, I like the idea of bathing everykitty. Seems like they will all smell the same then, and the more similar the better for introductions :-).

    The last time I got an Aby kitten, my husband asked for a girl, as well. So my blue girl Anya is very excited to hear that your Rory is another blue girl – the only other we’ve about! Can’t wait to see your photos – con*CAT*ulations on your newest family member!


  3. I have an old friend who bathed her Aby about every three months. He tolerated the bath but loved the blow dryer! With all the loose hair gone, he was so relaxed after his bath.


  4. Abys are lucky that they get shampooed and can air dry – I need to be blow dried to get my fur looking good. Although honestly, I actually like the blow dry way better than the shampoo and rinse part!

    I can’t wait to meet your new family member!


  5. I use a similar litter box system from Tidy Cat called the Breeze system. It uses pellets too but has an absorbent pad in the bottom tray that collects urine that falls through the grate. Scoop the poop daily, change the pad once a week and change the pellets every two months. We take Rico on our sailboat and the regular clay litter was making a huge mess, not to mention the pungent urine odor in a confined space.

    Jacoby, Angel and Freddie look fabulous after their shampoos!


  6. I have been out-of-the-loop for a couple of months. Catching up now. Can’t wait to “meet” your newcomer! Yippee! GOOD news!


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