Aby-a-Day – 17 May: “Take me sleeping angel, catch me when you can”(Thursday Things)

Back in Boston, Angel used to sleep on the bed pillows fairly regularly. It was her thing…I always suspected it was because of the bedside light, which was nice and warm.


As you can see, the light shone right on the pillow.


She spent a lot of time on the bed, especially when we lived in the two-room apartment.


But even after we moved to the larger apartment, she still spent a lot of time on the bed. She never did it much in Sweden, though. I figure it had to to with the location of the room in the apartment.


Lately, however, I have started to find her sleeping on our pillows again. I wonder what made her change back to that?

Other People’s Abys – Kudos to Cousin Taz!

Remember Cousin Taz? Once upon a time, he had retired from the cat show circuit. But this year, he’s come back with a vengeance!

The CFA show season ended on 30 April, and it’s official! Taz is Best Abyssinian in Premiership in all of CFA, the 2nd Best Cat in Premiership in the North Atlantic Region 1, and the 15th Best Cat in Premiership in all of CFA.

Taz is a year younger than Jacoby, and to win these honours at the age of eight is incredible. You go, Taz!