Aby-a-Day – 31 May: Never too young to start a bad habit (Thursday Things)

When you read those breed descriptions of Abyssinians, they never tell you about the food obsession. They all have it, to varying degrees. Alfred chews through anything plastic because he’s learnt there’s food in plastic (except when there isn’t; he’s also chewed through a packet of ground black pepper and a bag of laundry detergent). Angel runs to the kitchen whenever you cut something up with a knife and cutting board, hoping for bits of raw meat (even if I am only chopping onions or cucumbers). And Jacoby, well, he’s the worst. He’ll steal food right under your nose if you aren’t careful!


As go the older cats, so goes Lorelai.


Bear in mind, nobody really taught her how to do this. No one needed to. Cats learn by observation, after all.


I think she’s getting an A in this life lesson.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 31 May: Never too young to start a bad habit (Thursday Things)

  1. “Alfred chews through anything plastic because he’s learnt there’s food in plastic…”

    OMG. Our Smart Cat does that! It never occurred to me why. Thank you!


  2. I have the same problem when I use the cutting board or even get my knives out since they are in a drawer and the cats know the sound! I’ve gotten to where I show them what I’m cutting up and let them smell it, if it isn’t something they would want to eat, anyway, so they know I’m not holding out on them!


  3. Oh, me too …but two cuts later they are back begging…as if in five seconds I went from cutting up yummy meat to cutting up nasty vegetables…


  4. I think this goes with most Somalis too, although Sparkle wasn’t food obsessed (in fact, for the better part of her life, she was almost food adverse). I am, though! As are many of my relatives. My human says this makes me easy to train.


  5. With Nitro, all I needto do is open the fridge or use the can-opener and he’s right there to see if its for him. His favorites are smoked salmon, chicker or strawberry yougurt.


  6. Have you ever noticed that BAD HABITS seem more easily learnt than do good?! Ha! Heck, Coco! Even my RATS have stolen food off of my plate! So don’t think your cats are the only culprits!


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