Aby-a-Day – 4 June: Kamikaze kitten (Almost Medical Monday)

Lorelai had a very busy Saturday. First thing in the morning, I called her and she didn’t come. She always comes when I call her. So we looked all over for her, and finally I wondered…did she discover the gap in the balcony windows…and actually jump down?


The balcony’s 2½ metres up from the ground (about 8 feet). It took Jacoby a couple of months to work up the nerve to try it when we first moved here. And, sure enough…I went outside and stood under the balcony and called her…and Rory came running. She jumped. Off. The balcony! And there was a guy with an off-leash bulldog across the lawn. Not good.


So after we brought her back inside, she attempted her next death-defying act.


I was doing some laundry, putting clothes in the dryer. But we don’t have the usual tumble dryer like we had in the States. We have a drying closet. Clothes hang in there and dry. I didn’t even know Rory was in the laundry room with me, let alone that she’d gotten into the drying closet.


I realised she was missing fairly quickly, and got her out of there. But I don’t know how long she was in the dryer, which was set to 60° C. Not too long, thank goodness…but I don’t even want to think about what could have happened. As it was, I instantly doused her with cold water, just in case.


Alfred was first to check on how she was after her dunking.


Freddy is such a good big brother.




Rory didn’t enjoy her cold shower. Hopefully she’ll remember it and avoid the drying closet.


It was a harrowing Saturday morning. But it goes to show you: No matter how much experience you have with cats and kittens, they can still surprise you. I would never have thought Rory would try to jump off the balcony, and I had no idea she’d gotten into the dryer. Without eternal vigilance, the unspeakable can happen.

13 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 4 June: Kamikaze kitten (Almost Medical Monday)

  1. The first and ONLY cat I have ever had to get into the dryer was my first Aby! None of my other cats … so many now … have ever tried anything like that. Thankfully, mine was OK too, but he was tossed around some, and we took him to an emergency vet clinic just in case. I never DREAMED any cat would try that! I am a crazy woman now about the washer and dryer! I look, close the door. Get halfway down the hall, open it and look again … get half way down the hall … you get the idea. You’re right, you always have to be watching the little devils.


  2. Whew- glad no kitties were harmed ! I’m beginning to think Rory has a guardian Angel…


  3. We have foster kittens, they are always surprising us. Last week Theo starting limping, on different legs at different times????? First night it was the right front paw and next morning it was the left front paw, by that evening he was alternating a rear paw with a front one. Took him to the vet and they say a soft tissue injury. We do call him Mighty Mite!

    I refuse to have a front load washer for fear of someone getting washed!


  4. Oh, my, Lorelai! And how smart you are to have thought of the gap in the balcony doors. And how smart of Rory to always come when you call.

    I learned something today–I had never heard of a drying closet before.


    1. They are…interesting. Nice, though, because you can use them for things other than clothes if need be, and you can dry things that can’t go into a tumble dryer (like sheepskin, or shoes).


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