Aby-a-Day – 7 June: Lorelai’s first professional photos

I got a delightful surprise today: Lorelai’s breeder, Eva, sent me the first professional photos she had taken of Rory and her littermates when they were 11 weeks old (and of course, that’s Rory front and center in the above photo).

The photos were done by Maria Westling and ArtPhoto, and they really capture Rory’s personality.

There was an event at our DjurMagazinet a couple of weeks ago, and I took everyone to have photos done. It was especially important to get professional photos of Alfred and Angel, since it’s much easier to get photos done at cat shows. Angel cannot be entered in a FIFe show, as cats missing parts aren’t allowed in shows, even as Household Pets. Not that Angel would like being shown at all. Freddy is FIFe-registered, and could be shown as a Abyssinian, of course, but his colour is so dark that he’d be laughed off the judging stand. He also has some barring on his front legs and his eyes are somewhat round. He’s a great Aby…he’s just not a show Aby. And that is okay.

There’ll be a post about that circus eventually (Björn had to work and Kalle was sick, so I had to wrangle all four cats on my own. Which was oh so much fun.

I wasn’t aware that Rory had done that before. She certainly didn’t act like she’d ever had profressional photos done!

She seems to have done wonderfully on this first go.

I love that she had these done! This was the week before we got her, and it’s so great to have pro photos from before we actually got her.

She seems to be a natural.

Pretty sure that’s her with the toy, though.

9 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 7 June: Lorelai’s first professional photos

  1. She is just so cute! Great pictures, too. I especially love the photo which I first thought was a masterful collage of Lorelais. How can you tell which one she is? They are all beautiful kittens and I hope you meet some on the show circuit some day.


    1. The exact rule is:
      3.4 Admission to shows
      Cats must have the tips of the nails cut before arrival at the show hall.
      Not admitted to shows are:
      – lactating queens
      – pregnant queens
      – dwarf cats
      – de-clawed cats
      – cats with deformities of the feet or legs (for example poly- or oligodactylism)
      – blind cats
      – deaf cats
      – cats with docked tails
      – cats with cropped ears
      – unneutered house cats aged 10 months or older
      – tattooed cats, except when having a tattoo with an identifying code as a form of
      registration (→ FIFe Breeding & Registration Rules, § 3.4).
      Other cats belonging to the same exhibitor may be admitted to the show, in consideration of § 3.8.

      They also do not allow “deformed” breeds such as Scottish Folds or Munchkins…although Manxes are okay.


        1. I would rather have Munchkins and Folds, which are 100% Felis domesticus with natural genetic mutations, accepted instead of Bengals, which were the result of interbreeding housecats with African wildcats, and who knows what happened to the generations that weren’t “cat” enough to live in a house with people.


  2. Rory’s kind of like a little cougar! So muscular for such a tiny kitten! She’s lanky, but looking tough at the same time!


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