Abys in Need – 26 dead Abys in freezer, 18 more living in squalor…AGAIN!

This is ghastly. Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered 26 dead Abys in a freezer and 18 more in “very poor condition” yesterday. According to the RISPCA investigator, the surviving cats were underweight and covered in feces, but none were in such bad health that they will need to be euthanised. Well, thank StarClan for that!

But what really pisses me off is…THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME this person has done this! Eight years ago I posted about this exact same idiot who had 48 Abys, along with a corn snake, one dog, a turtle and two other household cats confiscated by the RISPCA. Just as last time, the cats are at the Potter League for Animals, so if you’re interested in helping to rescue one or more of these Abys, please contact the Potter League for Animals (Newport, RI), 87 Oliphant Lane, Middletown RI 02842, Phone: 401-846-8276, Email: info@potterleague.org. But keep in mind it will probably take some time to get them healthy enough for adoption.

Additionally, my friend Meg has started a donation page on Facebook in Cousin Taz’s memory to raise funds to help the Potter League help these Abys.

And now I need to go hug Angel.

7 thoughts on “Abys in Need – 26 dead Abys in freezer, 18 more living in squalor…AGAIN!

  1. Thank you for letting us all know. I have donated. I will also contact them and let them know that I can adopt at least one of the cats if they need a home. ❤

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  2. I am deeply ashamed of my state. Our ASPCA isn’t all it should be, but I never imagined that they would let this woman go unsupervised after the last event – she had claimed to be a “breeder.” Two of the cats seized are pregnant, too, so there will be more who need help.


  3. This is so awful. Hoarders are worse than heroin addicts – it’s really hard to stop them. They need to be monitored closely, and there’s nothing in place to do that.


  4. I can’t believe this was allowed to happen a second time. We love our babies so much and the thought of them – or any innocent – suffering like this is unbearable. I have posted to the Abyssinian Cat Club. Hopefully more will be able to help.


  5. This makes my blood boil, too, especially because this is a repeat offender! I swear we need stricter laws and harsher sentences for violators such as these. They may be psychologically “sick”, but that’s still no excuse for neglect and abuse! But I also think the authorities are as much to blame if not more, for failing to keep tabs on this person or persons.


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