Aby-a-Day – 26 July: My big little boy

Today is Izaak’s six-month birthday. He’s old enough to be an apprentice, now.


Despite the fact that Zak is 12 days older than Lorelai, she is bigger than he is. I call him her “big little brother.”


Of course, to Alfred, Zak is almost like having Logan back.


Not exactly, but almost.


What’s clear is, Freddy has an attachment to the Singapura face.




And Zak clearly likes Freddy back…but it’s not the endless, “brothers from another mother,” love.


And part of that is the fault of Rory, since she and Zak are close in age, the way Freddy and Logan were close in age. Actually, Rory and Zak are closer: Freddy and Logan were 33 days apart, more than twice the difference between Zak and Rory.


But of course the dynamic between Zak and Rory is different. For one thing, they can never be “brothers” from another mother, because Rory is a sister. But they aren’t even like siblings at all. These two are more like…friends.


Definitely not sibling-like behaviour.


Ehrm…Next slide, please?


But the truth is, Zak is the bridge between Freddy’s generation and Rory’s. At least, I like to think of it like that.


Stay classy, Zak.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 26 July: My big little boy

  1. Zak just has no shame! MOL It’s nice to see how well everyone gets along. Honestly, I get along well with Binga and Boodie, even though they are so much older than me. I even play with them (yes, they are both still playful at almost 18 and 17 respectively).


  2. Ha! We had two dogs, an older one and a younger one. The older one was the smallest and the younger, the largest. I too would say, “Big little sister,” and “Little big sister!”

    Hey! How’s Jake?! Did you hear any results yet…?


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