Aby-a-Day – 31 July: You’re never done learning (Cartoon Tuesday)

I am endlessly amazed at how popular the Warriors series is in Germany and Holland. I mean, it’s way more popular than it is in the UK or the States. If you search Amazon.de, you can find all sorts of Warriors merchandise.

Look at all this! Sticky notes, badges, notebooks, gloves…I have the laptop stickers and I love them. You can’t get any of this on the other Amazons (.com and .uk.co), trust me. I looked.

Because I order my (English) Warriors books from Amazon.de, they send me emails when new Warriors items are released. Usually, they’re translations of the series books in German, but a few weeks ago they sent me an email about an interesting book entitled Warrior Cats – Katzenzeichnen: Von den Grundformen bis zur Clankatze (Warrior Cats – Cat Drawing: From Basic to Clan Cat).

Now, I have been drawing cats for over 50 years, and apparently I’m pretty good at it, since people like the drawings I do. But this book is amazing, even for someone like me. Because you can always learn more drawing techniques. Look at the instruction on drawing paws (well, hands, if you’re doing Abys).

The book goes into great detail about all aspects of cat life, and it even has blank pages for you to practice on. Unfortunately for me, it’s in German, and it’s a translation of the original publication…in Dutch. So there is no English edition of this book yet. Considering that the original books were English, it’s a bit interesting that the Germans and Dutch have taken to the cats so much that they’re coming up with all kinds of original items and books that aren’t available in English!

Izaak Sketch

Using some of the book’s recommendations, I did this sketch of Izaak. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 31 July: You’re never done learning (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. LOVE IT! The eyes are so expressive, and the lips look ready to tell a secret! It makes me wonder just what he is thinking 🙂 . You’d be a good story illustrator – of course, you do that right here.


  2. Awww, it’s adorable! That kitten knows he’s adorable, I can see it in the drawing, An artist should never stop drawing and learning. I love the level of detail which is greater in this drawing than your usual cartoons. If I may be allowed one suggestion, to look more like Izaak the ears should be farther apart. The expression is delightful though.


  3. I love the Issac sketch! I want to add, my human is amazed, and a little envious, of the attention the Warriors series is getting in Germany and Holland. She has co-authored one book that is actually really popular in Germany (and several other countries), but she doesn’t think it’s developed quite the level of fandom as the Warriors books.


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