Update on Jacoby

The vet just called me with a post-surgery update. Jacoby did well and I can pick him up tomorrow, most likely. They didn’t SEE anything wrong with him inside (ie, no visible tumours, enlarged organs or infection), so hopefully the samples they took will tell us what’s wrong with him. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks when they get the results back from the lab.

One thing I really love about Anicura is that they send you morning texts with a photo so you can see how your cat is doing. They did this with Logan, too. It’s just so thoughtful of them.

8 thoughts on “Update on Jacoby

  1. Jacoby, your handsome boy – the most beautiful Aby I’ve ever met. Strongest possible vibes for the most positive outcome!


  2. Glad to hear nothing found so far with Jake.

    We thought we were losing Rico 4 weeks ago. Stopped eating, constant vomiting etc. Many tests later a biopsy done during an endoscopy showed ulcers in his throat caused by a chemical. We then discovered landscapers hired by our HOA had sprayed weed killer in an area where we tie Rico up on a long leash! We had previously told the landscapers absolutely no chemicals around our house. Fortunately, Rico has just about completely recovered after a liquid diet and painkillers.

    I’m sure the vet will find out what’s bothering Jake.


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