Aby-a-Day – 25 September: My new tattoo (Cartoon Tuesday)

Today we started work on my memorial tattoo of Gun-Hee and Logan. Yesterday, Linus, my artist, sent me the above outline drawing…

…and this complete drawing- I was blown away. Linus thought that just their heads worked better as a tattoo than showing their whole bodies…and he was right.


These are the photos Linus used as a reference.


Here is the tattoo after the lines were done.


Linus working. He wanted to make sure he looked “ugly” before I took the photo.


Here is Gun-Hee and his leaves coloured in.


And here is Gun-Hee’s part done completely with blue shading. On 10 October, Logan will get coloured in and it will be finished.

12 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 25 September: My new tattoo (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. Wow – never seen a more realistic tattoo of a cat! Gun-Hee looks truly three dimensional, and his eyes look like they are shining. Just amazing. Linus is beyond talented. Is that Hari just below? Can’t wait to see Logan when he is finished.


    1. That is Harri…my first tattoo, done in NYC late 1995-early 1996 (I was there over Now Years; don’t remember if it was before or after)…during which Linus cheerfully told me he was six years old at the time. I told him to shut up.


  2. OMG, these are *beautiful*!! I am not a tattoo person, but if Linus lived in my neighborhood I might have to reconsider. That is just an awesome job.


  3. Wow! Gun-Hee already looks awesome – I can’t wait for it to be completed!

    My human always has to laugh when someone asks “Does it hurt?” about tattoos. She has one, and her answer includes a four-letter word, so I can’t repeat it here. MOL!


  4. Linus is a master, a true artist! Abyssinians are hard to capture in any medium and to be able to capture that much energy as a tattoo is fabulous.

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