Uncle Clancy hunts with StarClan

Okay, 2018. Seriously. We need to talk. This death thing? You really need to knock it off with the cats I know and love. Because…and I cannot fathom that this has happened again, and only a month since the last one…Jacoby’s Uncle Clancy joined StarClan today.

Clancy was Jake’s uncle. Clancy and Scar had the same parents, but were born to different litters. Clancy is most likely the red kitten in the back on the left in this photo.

Clancy loved to wear coats in winter and costumes at Halloween. This is him in a hot dog costume with Finnegan in a flame cape.


Clancy and Seamus even starred in one of my cartoons.

I have gotten the best holiday cards with Clancy and Santa.

This was his birthday present, four years ago. He obviously loved his new cat tree. He was only thirteen. My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, dear Uncle Clancy.

7 thoughts on “Uncle Clancy hunts with StarClan

  1. Geez! I’m sorry! I just sent my condolences (again) regarding Clawdius. But the strange thing is that, when reading this in Yahoo e-mail, the pictures and verbiage were those FOR Clawdius! So…my heart goes out to Uncle Clancy’s family. And, Koshka, I remember that cartoon! Like Clawdius, Clancy was tres adorbs!


      1. No problem. I swore that I had already placed my condolences for Clawdius, and I was correct. That’s something. My memory’s not so bad after all!


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