Aby-a-Day – 15 October: “When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day” (Hipstamatic Monday)

Today is just a normal Monday Chez Hellqvist…Angel sleeping in her favourite brown bed…


Unlike Logan, Izaak doesn’t share this bed with her. Oh, he tries to get in there with her…but where Logan ignored her when she hissed at him and got in anyway, Zak walks away and naps elsewhere.


Next we have Jacoby in the manly pink kitty bed. Which looks even more pink in this shot.


This film and lens tones the pink down quite a bit…but doesn’t really help.


Next shot is just plain black and white..and, nope. Doesn’t look any more manly without the pink. Must be the fluffy, not the colour.


Next we have Alfred.


I made Golonka (Polish beer-braised pork hocks) tonight, and Freddy always loves to chew on the bones.


Chomp, chomp…


He’s growling at Lorelai in this photo. He doesn’t like to share…


…no matter how big the bone is!


“Okay, Rory…NOW you can have it. I’m finished with it.”


Rory, meanwhile, has moved on and is playing in our bedroom.


Never fear! Zak the SuperSinga is here!


Never mind that that bone is bigger than his head!

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