Aby-a-Day – GO SOX! (Photoshop Friday Flashback)

You may recall my post a couple of weeks ago, remembering the last time the Red Sox were in the the World Series in 2013. Well, the good news is, the Red Sox are in the World Series against the LA Dodgers, and they are up 2-0!


I had this one awesome shot of Jake looking at the TV when they were showing the Prudential Building with “GO SOX” spelled out in the lighted windows. The shot was great…the photo, not so much. The flash went off, and the photo…sucks.


So, I thought I would try to fix it using Photoshop. First I tried to fix the flashlight eyes; they are hard to fix when they are really shining, but I did my best using a soft black brush, the band-aid tool, and the rubber stamp. Then, I needed to fix the Pru. I went through photos I had taken when I was down by Fenway earlier that evening. The Pru was lit up with red and blue lights…so I am pretty sure they were using an old shot of the building. So I went through my older photos and found one I took during the 2003 playoffs – that’s the one at the top of this post.


I tweaked the perspective on the building and adjusted the opacity and blended it in…and voilà! I’m not completely happy with Jake’s eyes, but I did manage to turn a crap photo into a much better and passable picture.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – GO SOX! (Photoshop Friday Flashback)

  1. Wow, you did a lot on that photo! My human sometimes has to fix flash-eyes on cats (usually photos other people have taken, not so much photos of us anymore). She has a technique, but even her special technique won’t help the really big yellow orbs! Then she has to pull out whatever artistic talent she has. MOL!

    P.S. She also thinks adjusting perspective on buildings is kind of fun. Crazy Photoshop human!


  2. What a series – I was rooting for Boston all the way because of the “Jacoby’s”
    I am a National League team follower, but since the San Diego Padres are such losers anymore, it was great to see real baseball for a few games. I had to root a tiny bit for the Dodgers, since they have some former Padres that we loved, but had to go to L. A. to be able to play on a real team that is interested in actually winning a pennant instead of training players and then trading them away for the money with no intentions or care about winning a game.


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