Aby-a-Day – 23 October: “I’m done packing!” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Remember when I posted this sketch? Well, my friend Teresa aksed me for a drawing for an upcoming issue of Cat Talk: “The theme for October is “Homecoming”…as in how to place cats, rehoming cats & those issues, etc…What I’m thinking is something with a cat moving to a new home.”

I remembered the unfinished sketch and sent it to her, asking if it would fit. She did, and so I finished it. I did the outlines in Procreate, and then the colouring and other details in Photoshop. I wish I could remember the original dialogue that I had in mind…but this works.

Aby-a-Day – 22 October: Funny Freddy (Hipstamatic Monday)

Almost every evening, Alfred comes for a cuddle with Björn.


Freddy sits right up next to Björn whilst he uses his laptop.


The thing is, he looks a right goon when he does it.


Of course, Freddy looks like a right goon most of the time. That’s just part of his charm.


Ultimately, he’s just a big lovable guy.


We love him so much.

Aby-a-Day – 21 October: Another outside adventure…with an audience (Swedish Cinema Sunday)

Last weekend we enjoyed gorgeous weather, so I took Izaak and Lorelai out for some “being offleash” practice.


The main reason was, I wanted to check what that flash of red I could see out our window.


Turns out, someone had dumped their windowbox geraniums out onto the hill, and they were managing to survive on the dirt they were planted in.


They’re actually really pretty out there, and I hope they can survive, but I have a feeling that they won’t live past the first snow.



Rory especially loves to explore the outside world…to the point that it’s really hard for us to get out of our front door.


Rory also has to check out the rugbeater. Every. Single. Time. We go outside. She loves that thing.

After the rugbeater, we visited the sandbox/swings area that we visited before. But whilst we were there, we heard plaintive meowing.


Turns out, it was Alfred. He wanted to be out there, too…but after the last time we tried to let Freddy out off-leash, that was pretty much a non-starter.



Jacoby was just out there because he heard my voice.


Rory and Zak knew Jake and Freddy were up there…but I don’t think they cared, because they were running around outside.

Aby-a-Day – 20 October: A right way and a wrong way to do things (Silly Saturday)

Sometimes cats are so funny.


Clearly, Izaak thought that this was the best way to cuddle with Alfred. It doesn’t look either cuddly or comfortable for either party…but neither of them seemed to mind.


They worked out the comfort thing eventually, though.


Lorelai and Zak never have that problem. I guess it’s a size thing.

Aby-a-Day – 19 October: Come on kitties now…Everykitty get together (Flashback Photoshop Friday)

This morning, Facebook greeted me with a reminder of a post I made four years ago. I was challenged to post five photos of my cats, and I decided to post five group photos. Getting a photo of all the cats in the house together at the same time is harder than some might think. So, because of the reminder that Facebook sent me, I decided to post all the “family photos” I have been able to capture over the years.


The oldest is this, of Sigrid, Harri, and Patrick cuddled together on my sofa. This was taken in autumn 1997. It looks cuddly, but actually Sigrid and Tricky were sleeping there, and Harri decided to squeeze in between them. Still cute, though.


This is after I’d moved to Boston. Harri and Patrick had been joined by Tessie and Kylie. This is the first photo of all of them together.


This is my favourite photo of this group. I even used it as a Christmas card.


…And this would be the outtake of that photo…


This was Christmas 2006. Harri had died in August and we had just adopted Gun-Hee.


This photo is less posed, but more my favourite. Love Kylie’s arm!


Another photo of Gun-Hee with Patrick, Kylie and Tessie, this time all gathered on our bed.


This is another shot from that session, “arted up” in Photoshop.


One evening, all the cats lined up on the back of the sofa.


I had this shot…but Gun-Hee moved his head.


Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to replace Gun-Hee’s head and make this into a usable image.


This is another “art” composite photo. All of them were on the tree together, but this is multiple shots combined so each cat looks good.


Food and the kitchen is a great way to get everyone together. Here we have (anticlockwise) Jacoby, Angel, Tessie and Kylie.


However, they did have other motivations to gather together.


After we moved to Sweden, the kitchen was more a gathering point than ever. Here we have Alfred, Jake, Angel, Logan and Pyret.


And then, suddenly…our five cats became Jake, Freddy, Lorelai, Angel and Izaak.


A collection that was also easier to gather in the kitchen.


But they also gathered spontaneously on our bed! No Photoshop required.

Aby-a-Day – 18 October: Cuddle puddle in Kalle’s room (Thursday Things)

Kalle captured these photos a few days ago.


Kalle has a lovechair/small sofa in his room, and the other day three cats decided it was the pefect napping spot.



Nothing to see here…just Alfred, Lorelai, Izaak…and Izaak’s mousie.


(As it turns out, Zak’s mousie is, in fact, an important member of this group.)



Have you ever seen anything as adorable as these three?


I mean, really…


…The fact that Freddy is zonked out whilst the other two are alert and watching the camera speaks volumes.


Of course, Freddy is so laid back, even that doesn’t faze him.


It’s almost as if Zak was a blanket for Freddy.


“He’s not heavy, he’s my brother.”