Aby-a-Day – 8 November: We’ll be right here if you need us…(Thursday Things)

A life with Abyssinians (and Singapuras) is a life of being “helped.” All. The. Time.


Kalle is making toast with cheese. With enthusiastic help from Lorelai and Izaak. Very enthusiastic help.

Update on the Abys rescued in Rhode Island

Remember back in July when I posted about the SECOND rescue of 18 Abyssinians in Rhode Island? Well, according to this post from New England Aby Rescue (NEAR), those Abys are all at the Potter League for Animals and are are now legally free and clear to be placed with new owners as their veterinarian judges them to be healthy enough to be adopted.

The first two boys available for adoption are:


and Warner. If you are in New England and interested in either of these two young men (they are between one and two years old, the same age Angel was when I adopted her), click on their names to apply for adoption.