Aby-a-Day – 26 November: Bothering napping cats (Hipstamatic Monday)

Even though we have five cats living with us, there are moments where you wonder where all the cats are.


There’s a time of day when all the cats are napping. Sometimes you see them…sometimes you don’t.


Izaak usually naps close to me…although maybe not so much when I start taking photos of him.


Alfred tends to nap on the sofa with Zak on the sofa.


Freddy is a simple cat with simple needs.


Mostly, he just needs a good place to nap.


Angel loves the little brown bed.


She naps in it almost everyday.


Even though a certain Singapura tries to nap in there with her.


Meanwhile, Lorelai has discovered the radiator bed.


She spends a lot of time there.


Can you blame her? It’s comfy and it’s warm.


Who wouldn’t want to nap in a warm radiator bed, though, right?


Last, but obviously not least, we have Jacoby. He loves to sleep on our bed.


He usually digs himself a nest under our comforters…but today he decided to nest on top of the blankets.


Even so, he usually sleeps on my side of the bed. How does he know that?

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