Aby-a-Day – 1 December: A little show close to home (Cat Show Saturday)

Today, the Sverak club Björn belongs to,
Billingebygdens Kattklubb, had a little “mini-show” at our local DjurMagazinet. And by local, I mean, we can practically see the place from our house.


It was pretty cool to have a show we could walk to.


Of course, it wasn’t really a “show” in the sense that we weren’t really being judged for any FIFe points…but it was great publicity for the Singapura breed and cat shows in general.


And…a chance to bond a little with Izaak…and give him a warm-up to the show we’re going to next weekend. We took Zak and not Lorelai because this was more publicity than an actual show…and we figured there’d be Abys there. We were right; there was one Aby and two Somalis.


It was a great opportunity to show off the rare, new Singapura breed.


And, it was a really fun day.