A bit of sad Aby-related news…

Ken Berry, human star of the infamous Abyssinian movie The Cat From Outer Space, died yesterday at the age of 85.

Regular readers of this blog know what an influence that movie was on 13 year old me. Jacoby is named, in part, after Jake in the movie (but mostly after the time Jacoby Ellsbury stole home base against the Yankees at Fenway).

While it is sad that Ken Berry has passed, at least Ronnie Schell, who played Jake the cat’s voice in the movie, is still alive.

4 thoughts on “A bit of sad Aby-related news…

  1. Ken Berry made a lot of happy memories for a lot of people ! Thanks for remembering him !
    Who played Jake the Cat ?


  2. Sorry to hear of the passing of such a talented character actor as was Ken Barry.

    I couldn’t remember the names of the Aby cats that played Jake in The Cat from Outer Space”.. Wikipedia, IMDB and a variety of other movie databases didn’t have the information. Finally, I found it in a book titled “Animal Movies Guide” by Staci Wilson: It was Rumpler and his sister Amber. Cattery unknown, though. I have updated Wikipedia.


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