Aby-a-Day – 8 December: The ears have it (Cat Show Saturday)

This weekend, we took Lorelai and Izaak to the Ädelkatten Kattklubb show in Västra Frölunda. Nobody got Nominated, but the show was very good for both Zak and Rory. About which I will post tomorrow.


I found my realistic cat ears and wore them to the show. As I posted five years ago, some cats have an…interesting…reaction to seeing a human with cat ears.


My friend Peter saw me taking the above photo and decided I needed yet another set of ears. Thanks, Peter.


But at the show today, we met an Abyssinian who had a very strong reaction to my ears.


When he first saw me, IP IC S*Aloysius Tiger Lily’s Trazan‘s eyes got HUGE. Then, he backed into a corner of his cage.


And, after careful consideration of my ears, he…hissed at me.


I mean, he really hissed at me. I gave his human some dry food we won in the lotteri to make up for his traumatisation.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 8 December: The ears have it (Cat Show Saturday)

  1. And just to make sure that the ears were the factor here, Koshka approached the kitty the same way, but without the ears. The Aby didn’t hiss at her at all, but treated her as any regular human.


  2. When I used to show maine coons I would always wear ears (a bit less relistic but still) to shows – the big fluffy: maine coons, norwegians, siberians never seemed to mind but I did get some strong reactions from time to time from bengals, russians and abys. And omg my very own housecat ran away form me when one time I came in them form show!


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