Aby-a-Day – 6 Januari: Flying food from Flying Tiger (Cinema Sunday)

About a year and a half ago, Skövde got a Flying Tiger store. If you haven’t gotten one of these near you (there are something like 900 stores in the world and counting), you have missed a treat. Flying Tiger stores are filled with awesome things you never knew you needed. It doesn’t help that everything costs 10kr/$1/€1 – 40kr/$4/€4…


So, of course, I had to buy one. I stashed it away and ended up putting it in Jacoby’s Christmas stocking. Today, I brought it out.


It was a thing full of dry cat food. What’s not to like?



Of course, it attracted an audience.



Including Izaak, who doesn’t eat dry food and only eats raw.


Jake cottoned onto the system pretty quickly. Instead of chasing the pellets being shot from the gun, he sent straight to the source.


He basically went up to the crunchy gun, licked it, and tried to open it. That’s my boy.


Lorelai especially loves to hunt and catch the dry pellets. We have played “chase the dry food” many times, but it’s way more fun to use the gun.


At least we had a better response to it than this Sphynx blogger in Finland had with her cats.

Here’s a video of everyone chasing little bits of kibble all over our kitchen.

10 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 6 Januari: Flying food from Flying Tiger (Cinema Sunday)

  1. I think my cats would LOVE this. I throw them treats every night so chasing small bits is something they already do. I would use it to CATapult the treats which don’t land on the carpet. One of our cats, Cora (a pretty mackerel tabby), also loves to chase balls and slide all over the floor. I wish there was a Flying Tiger closer than 3,000 miles away from me.


  2. I was shocked that one has opened in Boston’s Downtown Crossing…a place I frequented almost daily. I would have discovered them eventually, even if I hadn’t moved to Sweden!


      1. Apparently there are four in Massachusetts, including one at 7 Winter Street, Downtown Crossing
        Flying Tiger MA
        (don’t mind that they say they’re closed, I took the screenshot at 6:49am EST).


  3. I checked out the Sphynx blogger’s comments: Like they say, if it’s not an Aby, it’s not a cat!


  4. Oh, I wish my cats would’ve loved it! It just seems they didn’t get it at all, haha. 🙂 Now the food catapult is stashed somewhere (I don’t even know where). If I ever come across it, I will be probably giving it away to someone, whose cats are not as lazy! 😉


    1. LOL…we play the kibble toss every so often and it always works. I knew this would be a variation.

      What I was NOT expecting was them finding it, managing to open it and eat all the crunchies! Now we have to keep it locked up in the food cupboard!

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