Aby-a-Day – 8 Mars: Logan’s only birthday (Friday Flashback)

Tomorrow would have been Logan’s second birthday. Sadly, he only had one birthday, just like Gun-Hee.


This was me and Gun-Hee with his first birthday “cake,” twelve years ago. My, how things have changed since then!


Unlike Izaak, Logan had no fear of his lit candle.


Logan looks so much smaller than Zak, too.


Logan’s birthday toy was a little ladybug that still sits atop our microwave. Unlike Zak and his furry mousies, Logan liked shiny toys.


Kalle’s birthday is on the 7th, and Björn’s is on the 10th of March, so Logan having his birthday on the 9th meant we had a “birthday bunch” and we saw it as one of the signs that we were meant to get Logan. Whilst I am happy we have Zak, who makes me laugh every day, I still miss the first Singapura I loved.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 8 Mars: Logan’s only birthday (Friday Flashback)

  1. So true, Bjorn – but at least you got to know and love on him for even that little but of time – and memeory.


  2. I think that you forever miss the ones that die young. And the bittersweetness of the one who comes next … . I lost my first Ragdoll to FIP in 1995, then I loved my second Rag for18 years. Graham was the oldest cat I’ve ever had, and I can not imagine my life without him in it. But without loosing Elliott, I would never have known Graham. It can be complicated.


  3. Yes. Logan’s birthday is still on my calendar, even though he isn’t with us anymore. No matter. We can all still celebrate his life for the short time he was here. He was such a lovely little fellow!


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