Aby-a-Day – 9 April: Update on Jacoby

This morning, I had a message on my phone from Dr. Cecilia. Jacoby was moved to the ICU because his blood pressure had dropped. He’s still on fluids, plus pain medication. At the time she left the message, they thought he might have leakage in his abdomen from the biopsies, but when I called her back, they discovered that was not the case. They had gotten his blood pressure stabilised. His albumin is also slightly elevated. He also has some fluid in his thorax, but it isn’t affecting his breathing or his heart.

Later this afternoon she called again. He’s still in the ICU, and he is now on a feeding tube. He cooperated well with that, and she let me talk to him on the phone. He heard my voice, but he was so very tired he didn’t react much. Dr. Cecilia told me she had been discussing treatment options with the oncologist, and they think he is stable enough to start reduced-dose chemotherapy today. Apparently, it’s a delicate balance between starting as soon as possible vs waiting until he’s stronger and giving him bigger doses of the chemo cocktail.

That’s all we know so far. I’ll get another call from Dr. Cecilia tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 9 April: Update on Jacoby

  1. Sending waves of white light your way, Jakey. Fans, world wide are on high Albert to provide healing. NOW!


  2. This breaks my heart to hear this. I’ve never met Jake but I feel like I know him through my best friend, the late great Mango. Like Jake, Mango was loved by every person whose life he touched even those strange dog-centric people. They may have been psychic mates.

    Many years ago, a close friend’s Aby, Squid, developed colon cancer and went through many rounds of chemo. She deeply loved Squid and he completely loved her. She would have done anything to save him but she didn’t hear him tell her he was done with treatment and just needed to spend time with her. She did finally listen and gave him what he wanted most.

    Listen to Jake. If it is going well, he will tell you. If it isn’t, he will tell you. I know he loves you and wants to be with you no matter what.


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