Aby-a-Day – 25 April: Ashes to ashes (Thursday Things)

So, I got a phone call today from Anicura.


Jacoby’s ashes are ready for me to pick up.


We’re going to go pick him up on Tuesday, because Björn has the day off. But I did find the perfect urn to put him in…and some of his ashes will be sent back to Boston to be snuck into and scattered in Fenway Park.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 25 April: Ashes to ashes (Thursday Things)

  1. Coco, that urn is GORGEOUS! Expen$ive, but gorgeous! And nothing is or was too good for Jacoby. I’d never had a pet individually cremated before, but I did my last rat, Sheldon (whose brother I still have, Leonard). When I received his ashes, I wept. I thought This is what we all come down to in the end. Our bodies go the way of the wind. But I am certain that all of our souls and spirits live on. And this is what’s important. But while we are here, it is nice to have something to hold onto. Love…


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