Aby-a-Day – 30 April: Jacoby’s tattoo (Cartoon Tuesday)

Yesterday, I went to see my tattoo artist, Linus, about my next tattoo…Jacoby’s memorial. I had settled on two photos of him that I love. One is the almost iconic photo of him in the snow, wearing his amazing United Bamboo fishtail parka. I absolutely love this photo. It is the epitome of Winter Jake.


But I also love this photo of Jake on the 4th of July in a bunch of pink flowers in our favourite little grassy spot behind the welders’ next to Rolling Bridge Park. It’s just…the perfect photo of Summer Jake.

I couldn’t decide (I was thinking maybe both of them blended), so I left it up to Linus. And he thought the best tattoo would be…


Winter Jake!! I’ll make the appointment sometime next month.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 30 April: Jacoby’s tattoo (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. So sorry for your loss of Jake. I’ve followed your blog for many years so I was so sad to hear of him passing away. Love the choice of photo for your tattoo. I have my little boy immortalised on my back.


  2. It is good to hear that Jake will be joining your beautiful tattoo art of your very special kitties, Logan and Gun-Hee.


  3. Winter Jake – yes! Of course, Linus couldn’t make a bad choice between those beautiful photos. Still, I’ll be looking forward to seeing Jake through his eyes.


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