Aby-a-Day – 13 Maj: The fine line between peace and war (Hipstamatic Monday)

This afternoon, the cutest little scene unfolded on the sofa next to me.


Izaak came to join Lorelai on the Ikea cat bed where she was alternating between napping and birdwatching.



And Zak started to groom Rory.


It was so adorable and sweet.



At one point, Rory seemed to be a little over Zak grooming her.



But then she succumbed to the ministrations of Zak’s tongue.


It really was a touching, lovely moment…


…until, suddenly, it wasn’t.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 13 Maj: The fine line between peace and war (Hipstamatic Monday)

  1. My aby Ra used to LOVE to groom my old 18 yr old cat Calvin before he died. And Calvin liked it til Ra would head butt him to get some reciprocal grooming and then the growling & hissing would start!


  2. I have never understood whether over-enthusiastic grooming of another adult cat is fondness or peaceable aggression. Probably my confusion has to do with endings like that.


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