Bertil Hunts With Star Clan

Freddy’s breeder Karin posted today:
“Lilla Bertil (bror med Märta, Alfred, Greta och Kerstin) har somnat in.
2½ år ung. Urinstopp.
Enl ägarna var han den bästa katten ever.”


Which means “Little Bertil (brother with Martha, Alfred, Greta and Kerstin) has fallen asleep.
2 1/2 years young. Urinary blockage.
According to the owners he was the best cat ever.”
Apparently, it came on very quickly, as urinary blockages can do.


I can’t imagine how we would feel to lose Freddy, our lovable boss chonk and break in artist, and I can’t imagine how Bertil’s owners must feel. We actually had first choice between the two brothers…

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend, Freddy’s littermate, has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, darling Bertil.

(PS…fear not, regular posts will return shortly. Between the Finland trip and acclimating Dashiell, I had a little bout of pneumonia. But I promise to get the posts back on track soon!)

12 thoughts on “Bertil Hunts With Star Clan

  1. That is very sad about Bertil, and I know his family must be utterly heartbroken. Feel better! Pneumonia is something not to be messed with! Of course, you live in a country with awesome health care, so you are fortunate.


    1. I can’t wrap my head around it, honestly. Freddy hasn’t shown any urinary issues at all; he has a weird coughing thing, but nothing urinary.

      And yeah…I have had asthma my whole life (since 9 months old) and actually spent a week in an oxygen tent when I was three. I have had pneumonia four times now…once when I was 10, once when I lived in SF, and once in Boston. That’s why I always get flu shots, too.


  2. So sad for Bertil’s family. We all understand what it’s like to lose your best cat ever.

    Sending warm thoughts of healing and strength to you,


    1. It’s mind boggling, really. We had to choose between the two boys, and we ended up choosing Freddy. But it could have been us. Considering all the loss we’ve had lately…I’m glad it wasn’t us. But I wish it wasn’t either of us.


    1. It’s even more shocking, because we had to choose between the two boys, and we ended up with Freddy because he didn’t carry the longhair gene. We liked them both equally…they were both wonderful kittens, so in the end it came down to genetics. The fact that it could have been us makes it just so….I don’t know what the word it for what it is.


      1. I’d call it bittersweet. You have to be grateful to be spared another loss as your own is so recent. But … because your loss is so recent, you truly feel what Bertil’s family is feeling. No one wishes that on another.


  3. Forgive me, for I am way behind on posts and am just now reading this. I can’t imagine how much more I’ve missed. Hopefully no more bad news like this. We had another close call with our beloved Hamilton. He, too, had a urinary blockage in December, 2020. It was a horrible experience, but long story short, he is okay and we hope to have him around for a good long time.


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