Aby-a-Day – 30 Januari 2020: Loving is sharing (Thursday things)

We won a brown domed cat bed by Dogman at a cat show a few years ago. Angel immediately claimed it as her own, and for the most part, all the other cats respect her ownership.


Except, of course, Logan, and, later, Izaak, at least when he was younger.


Or so I thought.


A couple of weeks ago, I found Zak in Angel’s bed. With Angel still in it.


So it’s still happening, even though Zak’s an adult who weighs the same as Angel does.


But the part that really made me laugh?


Angel has apparently just given up and resigned herself to sharing her bed at the whims of a stubborn Singapura.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 30 Januari 2020: Loving is sharing (Thursday things)

  1. Those Singapuras are totally stubborn too, aren’t they? There’s a difference – Abys and Somalis are persistent, as opposed to stubborn.


    1. They are! They grab onto a thing like a terrier and they won’t let go. If Zak doesn’t want me to do something during grooming, he just pushes my hands away. If he wants to sit on you, he sits on you. Resistance is futile.


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