Aby-a-Day – 7 Februari 2020: Shadows of Gun-Hee (Friday Flashback)

Looking for something else, I found these neat silhouette photos of Gun-Hee. This was out on the Harborwalk at sunset.


This was when our refrigerator broke. Gun-Hee of course had to supervise the repairman as he worked.


And this, of course, was the Red Sox in the 2007 World Series. Just like Jacoby, Gun-Hee was good luck for the team. I miss them both.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 7 Februari 2020: Shadows of Gun-Hee (Friday Flashback)

  1. I just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear of Jacoby’s passing. I used to follow your livejournal way back in the day and I loved seeing the pictures of him and the rest of your cats. He was the first Abyssinian I came across, and as I stopped using livejournal, whenever I’d see a picture of one I’d think of him and wonder how he’s doing. I found your blog again a few years ago and was glad to see he was doing well. The other day I saw a picture of an Aby someone had adopted and I thought of him again, leading me back here. He seemed like a very special cat! May he rest in peace.


  2. You never forget your first Abyssinian. Your love of Gun-Hee has shone through your writing as long as I’ve been reading. You have lost too many, “Best Cat Ever’s.”


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