Aby-a-Day – 4 April 2020: The Maltese Magpie (Swedish Saturday)

Dashiell loves to go outside with the other cats…once he gets outside. He doesn’t go running for the door like the others, and I have to catch him and carry him out.


But once he’s outside…he loves to fly!


Usually, Dash hangs out with Izaak or Alfred…but the other day, he ran down the hill to play with Lorelai.


And, while they were down the hill, a magpie flew over and landed nearby!


Of course, they both froze and watched the bird. I don’t know if the magpie just didn’t see them camouflaged in the grass…


…Or if it was just incredibly foolish. Luckily, Rory and Dash were too surprised the magpie was there and just stared at it.


They were even more stunned when a second magpie landed near the first one.


I was holding my breath, wondering if they would charge the magpies…


…they didn’t, but they did move, and the magpies flew away.


I think Dash actually looks a little disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 4 April 2020: The Maltese Magpie (Swedish Saturday)

  1. Supposedly, although all cats have the hunting instinct, they learn the actual skills from their mother. I wonder if this is true – it seems to be with me. Because while I have a great interest in the critters I see, both inside and outside, I really have no ability to successfully stalk and catch them. I caught the little rats that invaded our house a few year back a few times, but it was beyond me to kill them.


  2. I agree, Dash looks disappointed but I’m so happy he flies along with the others outside.

    We briefly had mice in this house, years and years ago. At the time we had one “saved from the pound” girl cat and one beautiful Aby at the time (he was my heart-cat). It was the Aby who was willing to wait for HOURS where he heard the mice.


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